Featured: Virus Removal

Our virus removal services provide fast, reliable results. Typically we are able to get you back online within 24 hours. We are experienced in all types of virus removal including boot sector, file infector viruses, master boot record viruses, multi-partite viruses, macro viruses, trojan horse, and worms viruses.

Our Services


NeoArc Technologies is a Minneapolis based computer repair company that specializes in virus removal, data recovery, PC/Laptop upgrades, and general PC/Laptop repair. We are a customer oriented, small group of technology experts who are committed to quality work at affordable prices.

Offering fast and affordable virus removal, adware/spyware removal, and complete software overhauls, we can renew your system and increase your productivity without charging chain-store prices. We save our clients money by keeping a low overhead, eliminating the costs associated with maintaining a fleet of vehicles and staff members.

We build custom computers from the ground up for everyone from the casual internet surfer to the elite PC gamer.

When we are done with your machine, it will be running like new. In most cases, better than new. We can also upgrade your memory, CPU, hard drive(s) and any other component that needs to be kicked up a notch.

NeoArc Technologies is locally owned and operated just west of Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Local PC/Laptop Repair

NeoArc Technologies has been providing computer repair service to the Minneapolis area for over a decade. Contact us to learn more about our affordable PC/Laptop repair service plans.

Business Computer Repair

We serve a variety of Minneapolis businesses ranging from construction to fitness. Our full range of repair services are designed to increase productivity at affordable prices.