In what areas do you specialize?

All areas of PC repair/upgrade/customization. Also professional Graphics Design for companies and individuals.

Do you service peripherals?

We do not service peripherals such as printers and such.

Why choose you instead of a major chain?

We can provide more affordable service as well as the customer relations the chains don't provide. Also, the large chains are very well known for not only over charging, but also for charging for things that are not wrong.

Will you let me know if it will be cheaper for me to buy a major brand instead of custom building?

Absolutely. In some cases now, with entry level machines being so cheap, it is indeed cheaper to buy a mass produced item. In almost every case that involves any type of mid/high range system, we can save the customer a large sum and provide a better product.

Do you do data recovery?

Yes. In cases where the hard drive has had a catastrophic mechanical failure, we are unable to recover the data and a specialist would have to be used. In almost every instance, however, we are able to salvage data from corrupt/failing drives.

What if after you fix something it's still broken?

All work will be diagnosed and agreed upon by the customer before being performed. If another problem arises, the customer will be contacted and if they decide not to have the work done, they will only be charged the diagnostic fee, regardless of what other work was done. A customer will not pay for extra labor/parts to receive a non-functioning device.

Do you serve clients outside of Minneapolis?

We mainly clients located in the Minneapolis area. However, special cases can be made for computer repair services that require travel outside of Minneapolis.

Do you service Windows Vista And Windows 7?

Yes, all 32 and 64 bit modern NTFS operating systems (Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, All Vista versions, and Windows 7) Windows ME and Windows 98.

Why build custom?

Custom builds are cheaper in almost every instance than buying from a large manufacturer. The parts are higher quality than what the large PC companies buy in bulk and the customer has more control over the design.

Have you lived in Minneapolis all your life?

Not yet.

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