Service Guarantee

All of our work is guaranteed. We have a one year labor guarantee and we fully honor the manufacturers warrantee for any parts we use. We fully support all of our work and offer telephone support for Operating System, hardware and any software purchase form us as well.

Full Service List


Virus Removal

Our virus removal services provide fast, reliable results. Typically we are able to get you back online within 24 hours. We are experienced in all types of virus removal including boot sector, file infector viruses, master boot record viruses, multi-partite viruses, macro viruses, trojan horse, and worms viruses.

  • Complete system cleaning
  • Turn-around usually within 24 hours
  • Service Guarantee

Neoarc saved my life! My laptop had a horrible virus on it and the big chain guys wanted a ton of money to basically wipe out my whole hard drive and redo it. I would have lost everything! Neoarc got rid of the viruses, saved my data and all of my family photos. I love these guys and will tell everyone I know to use them! - Nayomie M, Minneapolis 12/1/2009

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Adware Removal

Do you ever feel like your computer is just not as fast as it should be? The fact is, your computer is probably not running at optimum speed, and Adware is most likely the cause. Often the effects of Adware are gradual, making them difficult to detect. Imagine knowing that your PC is completely free of malicious Adware. We specialize in Adware removal and use the best Adware removal tools. We will also offer advice on keeping your computer Adware free.

  • Complete System Restoration
  • Free Adware Prevention Advice
  • Full System Scan

These guys are no joke. They know what they are doing and are up front with you. I have had 2 horrible experiences with the “Dork Brigade”, you know who I mean, and I love being able to trust I am not being sold a bill of goods by some kid who knows some tech words and how to read a manual. Neoarc knows their stuff and I am a lifetime customer. - Deborah B., Brainerd Lakes Area 8/20/2009

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Spyware Removal

Spyware not only impacts performance, it also compromises your security and privacy. Spyware infects your computer, eavesdrops on your activity, and sends this information to an unknown destination. Even with built-in browser security, Spyware collects over time; if you browse the internet, the privacy you had when you first purchased your computer is probably compromised. Our Spyware removal services can remove malicious files from your computer and restore your privacy. Contact us today for more information about Spyware removal.

  • Full System Scan
  • Restore your Privacy
  • Free Spyware Prevention Advice

My mom’s laptop was all screwed up and Neoarc totally removed all the viruses, upgraded the memory and all the software. Then they actually talked to my mom about how to keep it from happening again and taught her how to use the software. Thanks Neoarc! - Lien W., Edina 9/8/2009

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Custom Builds

Our custom builds are made from the finest components available from the best hardware makers in the industry. We build everything to the desires of the customer using custom cases and mods to suit the individual. Whether it's a family internet machine in a standard case or the meanest rig in town in a custom gleaming case with colored lights and water cooling, if you can imagine it, we can build it.

  • You Imagine it. We Build it.
  • Best value components
  • Fast turn-around

I have had NeoArc Technologies remove nasty viruses from my daughter’s computer as well as my wife’s. I was referred to them by a friend and they saved me almost $200 from what the other place wanted. - Jesse L. , Eden Prairie 11/2/2009

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PC / Laptop Repair

Inexpensive computer repair that you can trust. Don't call one of the “big” boys and pay for things that don't need to be fixed! Our PC / Laptop repair services include Hardware Installs, Operating System Install, Upgrades, Rebuilds, System Diagnostics, System Builds, Data Backup, and Networking. We have developed a following in the Minneapolis area for our fast and affordable computer repair services. Contact us to find out about how we can help you with your PC / Laptop repair needs.

  • Fast, Affordable Computer Repair
  • Service Guarantee

I needed a new computer and was referred to Neoarc by a friend. For WAY less than retail I got an awesome computer totally setup with everything. I LOVE IT! They also have really good support. - Elena L. , St. Louis Park 3/18/2009

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Operating System Optimization

Our Windows optimization services are geared towards increasing your productivity and giving you the best possible experience when using your PC/Laptop. We will optimize and configure your PC/Laptop to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to get more productivity out of your business applications, to get better graphics and speed performance on your gaming machine, or to increase the general response time for internet browsing and media applications. We are experienced in the latest tools and techniques for optimizing PC/Laptop speed, cleaning unnecessary files from your drive, registry cleaning, defragmenting and drive optimization, unwanted program de-installation, and component optimization including graphics card and sound card tuning.

  • Improve Speed and Performance
  • Increase Browsing Speed

I have used Neoarc for years for my own PC needs as well as those of my family. They have built my last 3 computers, my daughter’s most recent computer and 2 for my sons. It’s great to know that when I decide it’s time for new equipment I can call them and they will walk me through every step. They have also done all the setup work on my family’s new laptops. I could not believe how much faster the new laptops were after they got all the garbage off that comes from the manufacturer. - Mike G., Minneapolis 7/2/2009

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Data Recovery And Backup

Data recovery is an urgent matter; that’s why we offer express data recovery solutions. We specialize in corrupted file system data recovery, system crash file recovery, external and internal hard drive failure, thumb drive data recovery, and DVD/CD data recovery.

  • Fast, Affordable Data Recovery
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Affordable Data Backup Solutions

I own a local construction company in Minneapolis that does business all over the country and I have used NeoArc for about 5 years to build, maintain, upgrade and service all of my business and personal machines. I love being able to either drop my gear off or use their extremely convenient pick up/drop off service. I have referred many people to them and continue to be highly satisfied with the service. - Lance P., Edina 9/23/2009

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Windows Installation and Support

  • Now Servicing Windows 8.1
  • Affordable Prices
  • We Specialize in Windows OS

I have used NeoArc for 2 home PC builds, an office machine and to setup multiple laptops for myself and my family. I am a Realtor in the Twin Cities area and frequently have IT needs. They have always come through for me and I recommend them highly. - Joe L. , Maple Grove 8/5/2009

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