Neoarc saved my life! My laptop had a horrible virus on it and the big chain guys wanted a ton of money to basically wipe out my whole hard drive and redo it. I would have lost everything! Neoarc got rid of the viruses, saved my data and all of my family photos. I love these guys and will tell everyone I know to use them! - Nayomie M, Minneapolis 12/1/2009

I have had NeoArc Technologies remove nasty viruses from my daughter’s computer as well as my wife’s. I was referred to them by a friend and they saved me almost $200 from what the other place wanted. - Jesse L. , Eden Prairie 11/2/2009

My mom’s laptop was all screwed up and Neoarc totally removed all the viruses, upgraded the memory and all the software. Then they actually talked to my mom about how to keep it from happening again and taught her how to use the software. Thanks Neoarc! - Lien W., Edina 9/8/2009

I am a trainer for a national fitness chain as well as an athlete that competes in professional fitness shows. When my computer got infested by viruses and I faced the possibility of losing months worth of training data, I almost lost it. NeoArc completely fixed the virus. They also showed me how to back up my data and set up an external hard drive for me so now I don’t have to worry about losing irreplaceable data. - Carissa M., Brooklyn Park 7/22/2009

I own a local construction company in Minneapolis that does business all over the country and I have used NeoArc for about 5 years to build, maintain, upgrade and service all of my business and personal machines. I love being able to either drop my gear off or use their extremely convenient pick up/drop off service. I have referred many people to them and continue to be highly satisfied with the service. - Lance P., Edina 9/23/2009

I have used Neoarc for years for my own PC needs as well as those of my family. They have built my last 3 computers, my daughter’s most recent computer and 2 for my sons. It’s great to know that when I decide it’s time for new equipment I can call them and they will walk me through every step. They have also done all the setup work on my family’s new laptops. I could not believe how much faster the new laptops were after they got all the garbage off that comes from the manufacturer. - Mike G., Minneapolis 7/2/2009

I needed a new computer and was referred to Neoarc by a friend. For WAY less than retail I got an awesome computer totally setup with everything. I LOVE IT! They also have really good support. - Elena L. , St. Louis Park 3/18/2009

I have used NeoArc for 2 home PC builds, an office machine and to setup multiple laptops for myself and my family. I am a Realtor in the Twin Cities area and frequently have IT needs. They have always come through for me and I recommend them highly. - Joe L. , Maple Grove 8/5/2009

I purchased a laptop from a well known online realtor which I then had Neoarc Technologies set up for me. Everything was great until the hard drive went out. Neoarc replaced the drive with a new one and dealt with the laptop manufacturer for me. No headache and no problems. I HIGHLY recommend them. - Risa T., St. Louis Park 8/5/2009

These guys are no joke. They know what they are doing and are up front with you. I have had 2 horrible experiences with the “Dork Brigade”, you know who I mean, and I love being able to trust I am not being sold a bill of goods by some kid who knows some tech words and how to read a manual. Neoarc knows their stuff and I am a lifetime customer. - Deborah B., Brainerd Lakes Area 8/20/2009

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